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Get to Know Long Beach Grange #667and Our Mission



Long Beach Grange #667, Your Community Building

Grange #667 is part of the Washington State and National Grange system established in 1867, consisting of 3,878 local Granges and over 300,000 members. It was originally organized by founder Oliver Hudson Kelley to promote cooperation in rural areas. The Granges have always supported rural life. In the past they were at the forefront of policy formulation on issues like the need for better roads, school buses, and medical equipment for rural communities. The Long Beach Grange was formed on July 11, 1927. Fred Lewis' name is on the official certificate on the wall announcing the Long Beach Grange #667. We are proud to continue this tradition during a time when community activities, that bring people together, are needed more than ever.


Community, Recreation, Wellbeing

The Long Beach Grange Hall is more than just a building. It is a community hub that provides a space for social, cultural, and educational activities and events. Our mission is to ensure that the Grange Hall remains a valuable and accessible resource for the Long Beach community. We offer a wide range of programs and services that appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We foster a sense of belonging and community spirit among our members and guests. We respect and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our community. We invite everyone who shares our vision of a harmonious and vibrant community to join us at the Grange Hall.

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