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Long Beach Kali

Learn how to properly use weapons and how to effectively move through space so you can defend yourself and the ones you love. You'll have A LOT of fun while your at it!

Head Instructor

Keenan Berry

Class Times

Tuesdays at the Grange from 7pm - 8:30pm

Saturdays at the Long Beach Elementary School in the outdoor basketball court. 10am - 11:30am


Ages 13 & up

Questions About Classes?

About The Instructor

Keenan has been following his passion for martial arts for 18 years. Over the years he has studied 11 different styles, and competed in martial arts tournaments for 10 years. During this time he was able to compete in 5 international martial arts tournaments and took 1st place in the 2010 IMAC Winter Olympics. Keenan has always seen himself as a "practical application martial artist" and only competed as a means to test his art to make sure what he was learning actually worked. Over the last several years he has turned his attention to the development of proper weapons handling skills. Keenan teaches A.V.N. which is a form of Kali mixed with Spanish Destreza. This is a very effective art form that focuses on weapons and the geometry of the fight. 

About A.V.N.

As stated above, A.V.N. (Ad Veritatum Naviga) is a weapons based martial art founded on the fighting principles and tactics from Kali (F.M.A.) and Spanish Destreza. A.V.N. teaches it's practitioners how to properly handle weapons such as sticks, knives, swords, spears, double knives, double swords, nun-chucks, sword and shield and empty hands. This is an art form that will challenge your brain just as much as it will challenge your body. It's a great physical and mental workout! 

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